For buyers

For both rented properties and properties for sale, the company offers the widest range on the market thanks to important working tools such as:


Common real estate listings of properties with the industry's largest offer in Spain. Thanks to these real estate listings the buyer can access all the properties included in these real estate listings, which enables access to the largest number of potential homes that fit the buyer's needs.

Housing filter tailored to the buyer's actual needs.

In this way, the buyer will not lose time in visiting properties that do not interest him or her. The associate agent will make a thorough analysis of the buyer's actual needs and offer up homes that best fits his or her needs.

Comprehensive advisory services and maximum negotiation power

the buyer will always enjoy the most professional advisory services along with a single partner with extensive experience and successful results that will guarantee finding the ideal home for the buyer.

Access to bank-owned properties

thanks to the agreements that RE/MAX has reached with major Spanish banks. In this way, the buyer can access a bank-owned property with the added value of our professional intermediary services