Commercial/Retail for sale in Moncloa, Madrid, Madrid (2 Listings)

Local for sale in Arguelles, a few meters from the Paseo del Pintor Rosales. Distributed in two floors with a floor area of m² and a basement floor of m². The street floor is mostly diaphanous and here the kitchen is located. In the semi-basement floor are the bathrooms of the customers, the pantry, two refrigerated chambers and the rooms and bathrooms of the staff. Professional kitchen with smoke outlet, with windows overlooking the courtyard of the property. Hospitality license. Smoke outlet. The last activities have been dedicated to the restoration, in fact it has included in the price restaurant furniture and professional kitchen that could be used for this activity again.

Two recently renovated and tenant united premises are sold. The current owners want to continue the business in the premises. 7% of the final sale price is offered for rent. Currently premium motorcycle brand. They have renovated the premises and moved there in summer, so they want to continue there for many years. The first ship is a low one with showcase to the Avenida de Valladolid. There they have the exhibition space, an office, a warehouse and the bathrooms. The second ship is linked by stairs. It´s one floor below and it´s the workshop. The workshop door opens onto Aniceto Marinas street. Workshop fully equipped and new. Best visit.