Urban lot for sale in San Blas, Madrid, Madrid

San Blas, Rejas (Avenida Ingeniero Conde de Torroja)

Industrial land composed of 2 adjacent plots with a total of 2.602 m2, of which 1 are consolidated.076 m2 (N.Z.95), plus 1.526 m2 in Execution Unit 20.425.Materializable buildable of 2.926 m2, not counting the U.AND. SOLAR DESCRIPTION: Located in the End of Week Polygon, Avda.Engineer Conde de Torroja, 23-25.Next to the A-2 and M-22, in front of the Barajas Airport and just behind the Hotel Madrid Marriott Auditorium.Industrial and Logistic Estate with a privileged location belonging to the municipal area of Madrid, strategically located next to the Carretera de Barcelona, Corredor del Henares and the Airport. Consolidated urban land of qualified industrial use, subject to Ordinance 9 (Grade 5), of P.G.OR.OR.M.Except the portion of land included in Execution Unit 20.425, with the Delimitation Project definitively approved in June 2014 and the Reparcelación Project pending drafting.They are sold together, not separately.Total street front of 47.88 m., of which 21.94 m.belong to plot No. 23 and 25.94 m.to plot No. 25.Fund of 45.32 m.and total head of 68.49 m. Regarding the site subject to N.Z.95, of 1.076 m2 s / cadastre and 1.323 m2 s / registration, discounting the cession of public road and assumption of urbanization costs, there is a net area of buildable land of about 1.596 m2 approx., therefore, a computable building area in total of 2 m2 / m2 = 2.926 m2 (counting building of excess space).In addition to this, we have the patrimonializable rights of the land in the Execution Unit: 1.526 m2 s / cadastre and 1.354 m2 s / registration. Summary of urban conditions N.Z.95: -Edificability: 2 m2 / m2 -Separation to boundaries: 4 m.with the possibility of joining a lateral boundary. -Position regarding official alignment: 6 m. - Building height: 5 floors / 20 m. -Protection of trees: 5 m.to plot closing line. -Use qualified: Industrial. -Uses associated: residential and tertiary. -Complementary uses: tertiary and dotacional. -Alternative uses: dotacional and tertiary in exclusive building (1.6 m2 / m2). -Out authorized: tertiary large commercial area (1.6 m2 / m2). I.B.I.of the two plots: 4.€ 597.54 / year. DESCRIPTION AREA AND COMMUNICATIONS: Weekend Industrial Estate, very well located from the logistics and transport point of view, being delimited by the A-2 and M-22 motorways, and by the Barajas Airport itself.High percentage of occupation of ships, with hospitality and restoration.Next to the Hotel Madrid ...

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