Locaux à vendre à Madrid, Madrid (122 Propriété)

Excellent commercial premises located in the Ciudad Lineal district. Located at the foot of the street in a main artery of the neighborhood, surrounded by a variety of shops, cafes, pharmacies, tobacconists, etc. next to Calle Alcalá one of the busiest and most emblematic streets of Madrid. It has an area of. distributed on street level and almancén. Located at the entrance of a supermarket, there are 4 stalls, a counter in all of them and a shop, a shop window, a glass door and a security lock on the street level. On the lower floor we find a large warehouse with cold storage and a toilet all in perfect condition to carry out the activity of Polleria huevería with opening license and current operation. The commercial use that can be emplaced is very varied. Exceptional for investments, consolidated neighborhood as a commercial area with accessibility from any point of Madrid, with excellent communications located 3 minutes from the metro station of Pueblo Nuevo line 5 and 7 of the subway, 20 minutes from Puerta del Sol, 10 minutes from the bullring of the sales and of the metro of sales link with the line 2 of subway near bus lines 113 and 38 with direction center and sales.

Local commercial au niveau de la rue, très proche de la rue Antonio López et de Glorieta Marqués de Vadillo. Il a une superficie construite de 28 m2 et 22 m2 utiles. Hauteur des toits 3,60 mètres. Distribution: elle a une superficie de 19,29 m2, une surface de stockage de 2,97 m2 et des toilettes. Il dispose d'une entrée dans la rue Parador del Sol, à 800 mètres de la station de métro Marqués de Vadillo, à 400 mètres du parc de Madrid et à 1. À 100 mètres du centre commercial Plaza Río 2, sortie rapide M30 et A42.

Commercial corner with diaphanous and rectangular distribution. Divided into two similar plants Possibility to make large windows even to join the adjoining room. Reduced community fees. The street is very commercial because the premises belong to Calle Berastegui 1 but physically they are in the Corner with Calle Esteban Collantes. It is a wide street where you can stop for a moment in double row. Next to the metro Ascao (L7) and very close to Quintana (L5). Buses 28, 109 and N6.

Local en venta para reformar con gran escaparate en pleno pasaje comercial del Mercado de Maravillas. DESCRIPCIÓN LOCAL: Calle Hernani, 13 (Cuatro Caminos). Pasaje comercial integrado en el conocido Mercado de Maravillas, uno de los mercados tradicionales más reputados de Madrid, con una altísima densidad de paso peatonal mañana y tarde, y sábados por la mañana. Consta de planta baja comercial con 65 m2 construidos (56 m2 útiles), más 2 almacenes en planta sótano, con 18 m2 y 19 m2 construidos respectivamente (11 m2 y 13 m2 útiles). Superficie total construida s/Catastro: 102 m2. Superficie total útil s/Registro de la Propiedad: 80 m2. Este local ha estado destinado a la actividad de mercería desde hace décadas, hasta su cierre recientemente. Venta directa de la propiedad, sin ningún tipo de traspaso ni alquiler. Apto para cualquier actividad comercial con venta al público, excepto alimentación fresca. Horario de apertura del mercado: de lunes a viernes de 9 a 14 h. - 17 a 20h. y sábados de 9 a 15 h. Posibilidad de acceder a los locales por sus dueños o inquilinos, las 24 h. los 365 días, exclusivamente para tareas internas sin actividad comercial. Distribución diáfana con techos altos. Altura de suelo a falso techo: 3,54 m. Altura en almacenes planta sótano: 2,75 m. Climatización mediante aire acondicionado con bomba de calor. Suelos originales de baldosa hidráulica. Gran escaparate acristalado que ocupa casi la totalidad del volumen izquierdo del pasaje comercial. Numerosas posibilidades de reforma gracias a su distribución diáfana y gran altura de techos. Se puede hacer baño o aseo en la planta baja. Excelente oportunidad de negocio, tanto para explotación comercial propia, como para invertir y obtener alta rentabilidad del alquiler, dada su alta demanda y ubicación dentro del Mercado de Maravillas. Gastos de Comunidad y Mercado: 126 €/mes (no hay derramas). Gastos de I.B.I.: 318,63 €/año. ITE favorable en 2014 válida hasta 2024. No cobramos honorarios al comprador. Total transparencia. Además ponemos a su disposición gratuitamente y sin compromiso nuestros servicios de financiación y de reformas. DESCRIPCIÓN ZONA: Junto a la Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos, entre Bravo Murillo y Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, en pleno Mercado de Maravillas y a escasa distancia de El Corte Inglés de Castellana. Zona comercial, de muchísimo paso, con alta densidad de población, totalmente consolidada y dotada de todos los...

Local in Buena Vista (Carabanchel), near the Avenida de Carabanchel Alto and the Metro line 11 (exit La Peseta). This local Buena Vista consists of two large spaces, one of about 140 square meters with an area of independent office, toilet and carpeted floor. The other of about 50 mc useful with bathroom and small Office. The entrance gives option to the passage of carriages. The Barrio de Buenavista, better known as Carabanchel Alto, is a neighborhood in the southwest of Madrid, belonging to the district of Carabanchel, with 35.919 inhabitants. The main lung of this neighborhood is the Cruces Park, located on Avenida de los Poblados. It is a green area equipped with several football fields, a lake with stands, a circuit of bicycles and a river. This place in Buenavista (Carabanchel) offers good possibilities to develop any type of business or cultural activity. The area has all kinds of services and is well connected. And remember that we do not charge commission to the buyer.

Opportunity to continue with an open business since the mid-60s, now carried by the second generation. The reason is a change of project. It leaves an extraordinary goodwill, a fixed clientele of the neighborhood that has been used to this establishment for years. It is a bar with a kitchen with up-to-date licenses and not a single file since it opened its doors. All machinery and kitchen is in perfect working order. The last reform is from the year 2000 and does not present problems of plumbing or electricity. The decoration and the furniture are to continue tomorrow with the activity. It consists of space for the bar with 2 barrels and stools, and a second area (now divided with a screen) with 4 tables. It has a loft of about 12 m2 that is used as a warehouse. 2 services for men and women, and finally, cooking. The price of the operation includes the local property, so we do not just talk about a business with the possibility of making a month money to live, it is also a real estate investment. The environment is a totally consolidated neighborhood with an atmosphere, a lot of commercial life, and this street in particular has a great passage of people. The set of local and business have an assessment of the year 2014 (at a much lower market moment) of 150. € 000.

"Three united premises, spread over two floors" Great local for sale in the area of Ascao in Ciudad Lineal, with lighting activity, at street level. Commercial premises of 89 m2, consists of warehouse, showcase, 1 bathroom, high ceilings, ideal for investment or to develop their activity. Extensive business opportunities in the premises, located in a commercial area consolidated in the neighborhood, very active and with commercial diversity. Communications: Metro: located 3 minutes from Ascao subway, and 6 minutes from the new town subway. Distances: 15 minutes walk from the commercial center of Alcalá Norte.

"Local Commercial Street Vital Aza" "Great local for sale in the area of Ascao in Ciudad Lineal" Commercial premises of 146 m2, distributed as follows 61m2 on the street floor and 85 m2 of storage, It consists of 3 bathrooms, 2 windows of about 4 meters and high ceilings, ideal for investment or to develop their activity. Extensive business opportunities in the premises, with smoke outlet in both plants. Located in a commercial area consolidated in the neighborhood, very active and with commercial diversity. Communications: Metro: located 3 minutes from Ascao subway, and 6 minutes from the new town subway. Distances: 15 minutes walk from the mall of alcalá norte.

ATTENTION INVESTORS 31% below the zone. Local 258 square meters built 50 meters from Calle Alcalá. It has two facades and exit to two streets, with shop windows of 10.90 meters and 2.30 meters respectively. We do not charge fees to the buyer. With two diaphanous floors connected by a wide staircase of 120 meters the ground floor and 108 meters the basement. The first has a height of 2.65 meters and the basement floor 2.55 meters. The basement also has two windows to an interior patio and possibility of enabling two toilets. Without smoke outlet. You can install forklifts. To reform. Local apt for tertiary or dotacional use according to normative in force and even with possibility of change of use to residential. Last activity: Food Gallery. It is located in Ciudad Lineal, in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, a consolidated and commercial area that has a lot of passage from the resident population to Calle Alcalá, from which it is a few meters away. Commercial axis currently in expansion, as new businesses and franchises are being implemented in the vicinity that are boosting traffic in the neighborhood. Communications: About 100 meters from the metro station of Pueblo Nuevo on line 7 and about 50 meters from Calle Alcalá, where multiple bus lines run to different parts of the capital. According to the Regulations of the GENERAL PLAN OF URBAN ORDINATION OF THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID, According to the following parameters: URBAN CLASSIFICATION. : Residential Consolidated Urban Land CHARACTERISTIC USE / QUALIFICATION. : Urban, residential, commercial CURRENT PLANNING. : PGOU 97 URBAN CONDITIONS. They have not been detected Suitable for Urban Planning: YES Suitable for use: Yes Protection: NO The average rents of similar products have been established at an average price of 11 euro / m². Estimated profitability 15.5%. POSSIBLE CHANGE OF USE TO RESIDENCE.